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  • What type of payments do we accept?
    We accept the following payment methods : Paypal ,Visa, Mastercard, and american express
  • Why did my payment fail ?
    If your payment for an order has failed , please check that it is not due to the following situiations : Card security code failed, Please note that failed card security code can cause failed payment. Insufficient funds : If you meet the insufficient funds error log when you make payment by credit card , Please make sure you have sufficient funds in that accont and that payment for your order does not exceed credit limit.
  • How can i track my order?
    Once your order has shipped out . You will recieve an order number and a email with the tracking information
  • I can't track my order using the tracking number provided . What can i do ?
    If you cannot track your order using the tracking number provided , please send us a email with your Name , Number , and order number . Sometimes shipping companies take 1-2 days to update tracking information on their website.
  • How long will it take to recieve my order?
    Normally the shipping takes 5-7 buisness days . But i add on at least 3 extra buisness days to factor in shipping company, shipping method, as well as location of the shipping address
  • How long do Wigs last?
    The wig units can last as long as as 2 years with proper care . We have care instructions under each product .
  • Do you offer payment plans on the Wigs?
    Yes , we do offer payment plans for our units. Please visit payment plans on the home page for futher direction
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